The Irreverent Yogi
Annapolis, ME

Bio: I am a yogi moving mostly forward on the path to enlightenment. With years of seeking auspiciousness and a solution to the matters of the soul and the trials of an infinite laundry cycle. Always practicing the precarious balance between not taking myself too seriously, and staying committed as a deeply devoted yogi. I stay clear it is the measure of irreverence that holds the lessons together. I practice yoga to keep breath moving through my body and Everyone who shows up willing. I intend to move gracefully into every next decade and to add to the passage of time sweetness and calm so I can be the peacemaker and the love giver I set out to be. It has never been for me about the instagram posture wars but the stepping intentionally onto the mat and into the mess of challenges that 14 stoplights and the grocery line can create before noon each day. I take in the ancient wisdom with a modern eye so the stranglehold of technology and competition can relax its grip if only briefly and now and again. These writings come from being a yogi every day for many years. From knowing that radical self awareness is best expressed as merely the foundational work towards an "other person" centered life. Join me now and again to move with me mostly forward towards the lives our hearts desire. We'll leave the enlightenment on for you. Di

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