yoga can be habit forming

When we step our big toe into the yoga pool, it is not necessarily to add something to our lives that will take lots of time, often create frustration, sore muscles or missed cocktail hours with friends.  We take it on generally speaking to fix what feels like a problem in our lives.  What it becomes is something that takes lots of time, often creates frustration, sore muscles and has us miss cocktail hours with friends.

This is not to say that you or your life need fixing, by the way.  You do not and life is what it is.  It is also not because seeking a fix is in and of itself the real matter.  In point of fact, “you” are permanent and perfect.  The stuff that feels like it needs fixing sits on top of the perfection you are and obscures it.  The expression of you is clouded or dulled by the layers of life that are a natural component of human being-ness. Being a human is by its nature, complex, messy and really exhausting.  This truth cannot be fixed or changed.  The feel of it is, however, often improved by stepping on a mat and taking on the practice of yoga.  .  What you find once you dip past the big toe and make your way to neck deep or even one day fully submerged in it, is that what felt broken or in need of fixing, is not where your attention is any longer.  That the energy of a problem has diminished, at least, in comparison to the energy you begin to spend on practicing and feeling better.  This is why it is a path not just a pin in a google map.

How does this happen?  Sometimes, it is as simple as the improved sense of freedom of movement in the body  that just feels good.  Sometimes, it is the body feeling awake and vital which may be new or may stoke lovely memories.  Sometimes, it is because we could use some company or some quiet.  You could access either.  Sometimes, in truth, it is because, despite your efforts at liking it, you don’t; but your ego and curiosity keep you in it long enough to get to an appreciation and by then it is too late.   You are a yogi.  If you are lucky, it is because someone loved it for you, until you loved it for yourself.

Why does it happen? Well, this is easy.  Because, despite the tension in your life, the reluctance you have that this might be a cult, your overfilled schedule, and your worry about your old lacrosse injury,  yoga is wonderful.  Not all presentations of yoga.  Let’s call it what it is today; burgeoning business.  However, many of us continue to draw the thread of deep spiritual and physical practice forward from a vast well of sacred, detailed and brilliant instruction.   The dedicated efforts of those of us who do not intend to dilute it, but expand it and move it forward are here.  We love it out loud, so it will reach the stiff, cranky, uninspired and totally in-need.  We promise to love it for you, until you love it for yourself.  I will love it for you until and beyond then.  So, because there are inspired teachers like myself, seeking out those who are not seeking and commingling them with those already knee deep or submerged, there is a movement.  Movements are exciting.  Also, because the practice itself when undertaken with inspired help is awesome.  Not in the Hollywood vernacular use of the word, but in the auspicious and sacred use.  Yoga is awesome.

When will it happen for you?  Well, if you are not looking, believe me, I am not alone as a yoga teacher in looking for you.  It matters to me that people find their inner yogi.  I prefer everyone at my grocery store to have some meditation and yoga practice under their belt before they are entrusted to the 12 items or less line.  I aspire to be in traffic jams that are full of yogis enjoying the moment of stillness.  But, more importantly, the practice will find you if I don’t.  That is part of the magical quality of it that surprises even the skeptics.  Someone will bring you, you will wander in, a coupon will arrive in the mail or the butcher shoppe next door to your dry cleaner will become a yoga studio.

What then? Then, I let the practice itself do the magic of reaching in and waking up the sleeping wonderful “you” that has always been there and has always been perfect.  This will then become the way you work out whatever is happening.  There is no need for fixes, just time on the mat to shift and sort and move and breathe “you” into full expression.  For clarity, things will continue to happen that feel like they are problems that need fixing.  We are not unclear in my world that the other word for life can be an expletive some days.  We really do get this. It drives me nuts when the self help section of any bookstore is shouting that the problems in your life came to you from you.  They did not.  You did not invite trouble or difficulty or even disease.  But you can manage the fact of it.  The path of choice is, the path of practice.  Yoga.  The solution has always been “you” in full effect.

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