Soul Today? Maybe not.

Are you adding your soul to practice or just moving through the motions? Practice takes dedication over time because there is repetition; but when you stand for something when you stand on your mat, honestly, it can grow with you and move you and sometimes move others. We think changing the address of practice or adding a tweak is contributing to lives and to “The Practice”. Yoga doesn’t need tweaking. It isn’t a brand that needs a re-launch. Creativity can help to keep things fresh but yoga is guru tested and sage approved over time and if you want to make a difference, grow your practice and share it honestly with those who have not found it yet. To truly innovate, would have to come from a deep creative well of love that has your souls signature artistry on it. That can happen, but not every day and not because you took a new picture or gave your practice a name. Maybe today you are expressing honest artistry or today you are a practitioner that stays with it even when it is rainy and you are not motivated. Be clear that it is not advancing the practice to post about it, tweet about it or blurb about it. That may serve to let people you know and don’t know…know, but it does not grow what is essential. There is no soul in -so-cial media…there isn’t.
To create is bigger than that.
So, here is just, a sigh and
a rainy day look at what it might take to get me to the mat right now and discern if today I can add the soul or is today a day I just stay in the practice by repeating the moves until true inspiration wells up. I will let those I know and don’t know…know. I will step onto the mat and I will have to be clear with myself if today inspires or just hangs on. There is not a new address or a new label or brand or post that solves the essential challenge of yoga, but adding your soul helps. #samesongsameverse #samesongnewtune #createdontrecreate #goatyoga #thatsnotathing #itsnotinnovativetillyouaddacat #youdontneedtoaddacat #somedaysareharder #dontquit #yogaisnotabrand #accessyoursoul #behonest