The Throat

The location of the 5th Chakra

The center of self-expression, situated between the head and the heart negotiating the questions raised by thought and reacted to by emotion.

Most of us have felt the urge to roll our neck to release tension whether we indulge it or not…
Words thought but unsaid
Love felt but unexpressed
Hurt tolerated and not released …

These are the gravel caught in your throat creating a blockage
A tight neck and shoulders are your body requesting relief asking that you clear the gravel
The other side of the expression coin is the dreaded
TMI or worse blurting out hurtful criticism
Like toothpaste from the tube it cannot go back

Not everything should be expressed
That is universally known and not universally practiced
The 4 Gates of Speech in the Yogic tradition are the basis for a balanced 5th Chakra
The four filters through which all words should be passed before they are released in communication

1. Is it true
2. Is it kind
3. Is it necessary
4. Is this the right time

The words that filter through these gates as ideas expressed out loud are the safe ones that you shouldn’t be afraid to release

A secondary benefit of keeping this in balance is that as the throat is opened, the pelvis and hips can move more freely indicating the nexus between self-expression and passion. And once again proving that Shakira was a sage.

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